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Boston Concepts is a full service agency specializing in marketing, public relations and consulting. We offer the best in business development, media relations, social media, promotions and public relations. Boston Concepts offers a wealth of experience with non-profits, small businesses, corporations, film, radio, and publishing. Our team is comprised of professionals in all areas of communication.


Lisa Cappuccio, formerly Capogreco is the President of Boston Concepts. She exemplifies a new breed of young business owners who grew up in the city and cut their teeth volunteering in civic, political and cultural organizations.


Living in the city and being an engaged and active member of her community, she gained the experience she needed to launch a successful communications business at the age of 29. Her company, Boston Concepts, is a full service public relations and marketing agency.


For many years Lisa has been one of the go-to people in East Boston, someone you could count on to pull a civic project together and move it forward. That reputation is serving her well. When everyone from new businesses, to non-profit organizations to filmmakers ask what they can do to be successful, the answer is frequently, “call Lisa”.


As the social and political landscape of the city changes, Lisa is helping long time business and new arrivals navigate the waters and achieve their goals. Her specialty is helping small businesses take it to the next level, something she is passionate about. Local businesses that may never have considered seeking public relations counsel know Lisa as a knowledgeable, hardworking and approachable person they can count on to get results, and they seek out her services.


The grassroots approach and extensive list of contacts that made her successful organizing large-scale community events like the annual Italia Unita festival, political events for a number of political candidates among promoting many concerts and events.


Lisa is a dynamic personality and always loyal to her heritage which has encouraged her to initiate many of her own personal projects. She is in constant motion and passionate about everything she does. A day in her life would leave most people exhausted, but even as she works to expand her own business, she makes time for the local causes and commitments obligations that helped shape her personality and her business.


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